Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ed's Brief Biography

Bio...A political activist since his first year in college and his involvement in the Campaign of John F. Kennedy, Ed. is now a full time Political Consultant since retiring from a 31 year career as an American History and Political Science Instructor, during which he was repeatedly recognized and awarded for his excellence in teaching and research, having been awarded "The Ashland Teacher of The Year Teacher Achievement Award” in 1989.

Having held elective office at every level of the teaching profession: local, district, state and national, Ed. has established and outstanding reputation in the labor movement community.

An Experienced Campaign director and manager, Ed. has built campaign organizations, (Candidate and Issues), from the ground up including: total strategy planning, campaign planning, design, development, staffing, training, organization, fund raising, personnel selection and recruitment, communications (including press, radio, TV, literature development and speech writing) and successful execution. 

Educated at Central Connecticut State University, The New York Institute of Photography and Kent State University he has maintained a life long involvement in Photography with several awards and public exhibitions in addition to published work. 

His legendary ability to analyze campaign progress and to evaluate polling data and call elections precinct by precinct has earned him the nickname "The Precinct Master".